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  • USA

Introduction to Ayurveda

with Keshari Das

October 13 | Vata Season Workshop
February 9 | Kapha Season Workshop
June 7 | Pitta Season Workshop


$35 for each workshop, $90 for the series

Ayurveda is a holistic medical system indigenous to ancient India. It is also a way of life, unconfined by culture, ever relevant today. This wisdom tradition helps us develop subtler awareness of ourselves and our environments, encouraging us to make life-enhancing choices according to our individual and dynamic needs.

In these interactive workshops we will consider basic Ayurvedic principles and explore self-care practices to nurture all five senses.

\\ In October, our seasonal focus is balancing Vata Dosha, the vital force which governs movement and communication.

\\ In February, balancing Kapha Dosha, which governs stability and growth.

\\ In June, balancing Pitta Dosha, which governs digestion and transformation.

Together we will gently ease the passage of body, mind and spirit into each season.

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